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Anyone who knows anything about sports knows the Cleveland Browns have been a trainwreck since 1999. Numerous different regimes have tried to get things right and none have done so yet. The time has come to offer my solutions. If the so-called expert front office staff members who’ve worked for the Browns can’t get it right could a football junkie, self-proclaimed NFL Draft expert, life-long Clevelander and Browns fan like myself do any worse?

First things first, a Head Coach. I don’t think Chud was given a fair chance in Cleveland. Name any other NFL coach who could do much when they are rolling out three different below-average QBs during the year? However, the past is the past so I won’t dwell on what’s been done.

My first phone calls to find a new coach would be Marty Schottenheimer and Brian Billick. I know Schottenheimer has been out of the game for a few years but his last season coaching the Chargers he went 14-2! Also, while the league lasted only a couple years, he actually coached a UFL team as recently as 2011 (he actually won the league championship) so it hasn’t been that long. His one downfall is he can’t win in the playoffs, but if he could get the Browns even close to the playoffs he’d be a savior!

With Brian Billick all he did in his nine seasons as head coach of the Ravens was go 24 games OVER .500 and win a Super Bowl! In addition, he won without a franchise QB and let’s just say that’s been a little problem in Cleveland lately.

Those guys may not be perfect solutions so if you don’t like those options my other phone call would be to Stanford Head Coach David Shaw. He’s turned down other options previously so I would begin the conversation with “How would you like to triple your salary?” Shaw wins creatively with a pro-style offense which he molds around his personnel and his players love him and play hard for him.

So, once I have my head coach on board I turn my attention to the roster…


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