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What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear the term “Sports Agent.” How about the names Drew Rosenhaus & Scott Boras? Greedy. Cut-throat. No-nonsense. Demanding. Money-hungry. Hard-ass. I’m guessing some of those adjectives popped into your head. I’ve never met either one of those guys but that has been my perception and likely the perception of fans and the media. When fans hear “agent” or “representative” they think those guys (or women) are looking to squeeze every penny out of everyone who comes in contact with the players they represent.

My experiences over the past several years, and more recently the past few weeks, with agents and player representatives have been the complete opposite of this misconception. One of the events I plan annually for the Lake County Captains is Cleveland Sports History Night (2009 Promotion of the Year according to ESPN Magazine). On this night we bring in current and former players from any Cleveland professional sports team ranging from the Browns, Cavaliers and Indians to the Cleveland Crunch (Indoor Soccer), Lumberjacks (hockey), and Cleveland State Vikings.

Over the past month I have worked with three different agencies representing three different players to see if they could attend our event on Saturday, June 2nd. One is a very well-known, nationwide agency, the second is a mid-sized agency representing several players I’m sure most readers have heard of and the third is a smaller agency with a small portfolio of folks many people wouldn’t recognize. My experience with each one has been pretty much exactly the same – professional, courteous, honest, fair and genuine. From the large agency to the smaller agency, each person made me, simply an employee at a Minor League Baseball team, feel like I was equally as important to them and their client as the NFL teams the players are currently playing for. Additionally, at every step along the way I felt like the agency had their player’s best interest in mind. Whether it was understanding the importance of putting a player’s family first or finding additional ways to help their player earn a few extra bucks the agencies knew their player inside and out.

I’m not¬†naive¬†enough to think every single agent or player representative is exactly like the ones I’ve been working with, but I can confidently say the stereotype for these folks, and my personal opinions about player representatives, have been dead wrong all along.

This is one instance where I’ll happily admit I was wrong and I’m glad I was.


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